Thursday, May 14, 2009

RON95 introduced, RON97 will cost 20 cent more...

Okay... That was a clever step. Instead of increasing the price of RON97 directly, government finally bring RON95. RON95 will be placed at a price of RM1.75/liter, 5 cent cheaper than RON97 now. But when RON95 launched on 1st Sept... RON97 will be sold at a price of RM2/liter.

There are pros and cons of coz... you will have a chance to enjoy cheaper petrol (although only 5 cent cheaper than what we have now). And we will be pumping lower grade petrol to our beloved machines.

Yeah... Good news and bad news... Anyway... we can't do anything... Just accept our fate. If government announce RM3/liter petrol today (just an example), we still can't do anything... just go out less frequent... and find some part time job lo...

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