Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Everyone was talking about broadband... How fast is this one... How reliable is that one... etc. P1 W1MAX catch my eyes when they launched. And I kept myself update about their growth, and feedback. When I went to PC Fair recently, I saw a lot of W1MAX promoters at their booth, promoting the newly launched Wiggy. It was quite attractive. Rm149/month you get yourself a laptop and wireless broadband.


This is what happened to me and some of people out there... "Sorry, there's no coverage for this area." This sentence might sound familiar to some of people same fate with me... Cheers!

As you can see... Every where around my area has coverage. And only mine don't have... Haiz... I'm not thinking of TMNet as I don't need a telephone line... I don't make house calls. And other broadband providers doesn't seem attractive to me. So... no choice... Just wait like since many months ago... Pray pray that they will build a station near me soon...

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