Sunday, May 10, 2009

30% Luck, 70% Hardwork

Suddenly one of Shinjuku Incidedent's scene keep playing in mind. The part where they sing the song 30% Luck, 70% Hardwork... Haha... I guess most of the old ones know this song. Me myself (even not the old ones) heard this song couple of times. This formula might be useful to the old days... those 60s, 70s and maybe 80s. But now... this formula no longer enough for us to survive.

I always believe that if you want 100% results, you need to have 120% efforts as the 120% might face some set backs which we estimate it 20%. Combined with the old formula... Tada... The new formula might looks like this: 30% Luck + 70% Hardwork + 20% Brain (Total Up to be 120%) - 20% set backs. There u go... 100% SUCCESS!

If you read this and wish to follow... Don't blame me when this formula don't work. Hehe... it's just a reference. Adios.

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