Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Penang Trip

Penang... which Malaysians know as a state with lots of big companies and factories. A state where numerous condominiums lies. A state where you can see development projects going on here and there. But how much do you really know it? How many places you have explored? I believe that many of you guys (even those staying in Penang) miss out a lot of nice places. Places close to nature... places that you can relax... and places that you can take great pictures. So now let me share with you all where I had been when I went to Penang a few weeks back.

1st is the Toy Museum... It claimed to be the biggest Toy Museum in the world...

Wow... I'm sure u know this guy... "My precious..." This fella looks so real.

Yeah... This is my favourite cartoon. Old Master Q... Hehe
Then continue with Butterfly Farm


What about the Burmese Temple
And also Snake Temple
There are a lot more photos that you can browse from my flickr album... Hope that you all enjoy... Don't miss out those nice places in Penang... Also the food... Hehe

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