Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Moon House @ Kuchai Lama

Doraemon started its journey to Moon House at Kuchai Lama. We had been to this dessert shop for quite some time. It has changed from traditional desserts shop offering peanut cream, red bean soup etc to Snowflakes alike ice series like grass jelly ice, taro ice, etc to a combination of both. And from desserts only, it now has snacks like fried chicken chop, fried squids, etc too... It covers a large range of desserts and snacks and the price is kinda reasonable too, at least cheaper than Snowflakes those.

Doraemon was happy looking at lots and lots of fruits...

Caramel pudding was nice and Doraemon wish to make it bigger... (although not as nice as those sold in Ipoh)

Doraemon Unboxing

Was wandering around to find a miniature for photoshooting and asked Chee Fei for what he bought. He recommended Be@rbrick but I was not a fan of it. So walked around and saw Doraemon which I wished to buy online some time before. This Doraemon is pretty cool with some props and expressions to swap. I've decided to bring this around when I'm traveling and take some photos for memory.

Been thinking of how cool it is when it travels with me to Melbourne... and Taiwan... Travels through breathtaking places and taking photos with the most delicious food of different countries and races.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bangkok Trip - 31st Bangkok Motorshow 2010 - Hotties

After my first Bangkok post... my friend demanded for the Bangkok Motorshow post... haha... no choice... have to post lo...

Yeah I did went to the 31st Bangkok Motorshow 2010 on 4th April 2010. I went there a bit late due to some bad arrangement... so I just stayed at the Motorshow for about 2-3 hours.

Here are some photos that I could share... (",)

Next I'll post photos on cars... =P