Friday, May 29, 2009


I still remember during uni years in Computer Science, there were one assignment requires us to build a simple snake game. Haha... I believe that we all played Nokia's snake game when we were still very young, right? That time we don't have even color game on handphone, Nokia's snake is black and white only. Now technology advanced very much... I bet it has been long time you didn't play Snake. So here I embedded a Snake game for you. See how advance is the Snake game nowadays... (",)

Hope you all enjoyed the game! Adios~~~

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Paint the world white to save energy

Most of us are aware of the hot weather on our mother earth today... heat are increasing... the earth are warming... getting hotter... so what have u did to save the world from extreme heating? You turned on air conditioner when ever you felt it's hot. You turn on all lights when ever you felt it's a little dim. You drove your car to reach a 100m away shop. All this are contributing to global warming. Have you ever think about it?

Recently, Obama administration wanted to paint roofs an energy-reflecting white. Brighter color can makes the interior of buildings cooler and reduce the use of air conditioning. This can also reflect the sunlight back and overall reducing the temperature of earth. Of course I believe that for many people, dark color looks elegant. But is that worth if you have to live in a world hot like hell?

Most of us are educated people, especially those who reading this. So since we are aware of the problem, why not join our hands, do at least what we can to save the world? (",)

What you can do at least:
1. Recycling
2. Gardening
3. Minimize the use of air conditioning
4. Use heat reflecting colors
5. Get educated of what to do and not to do to save the world

Hope that we will have a better world to live in... (",)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Super GT 2009 Official Launch

As marked on my calendar... I went for Super GT 2009 Official Launch at Sunway Pyramid on 23rd May. The weather was so HOT and the event was held outdoor. I guess my skin color much darker after the event.

I reached Sunway Pyramid around 3.15pm. Walked around and start shooting. Although it was very hot, there are a lot of photographers there. Walked around and took some shots on cars:

So those are the cars that I focused. After a while, the Queens started to walk around and posed.

Pity those girls, have to pose under damn hot sun. But they never feel unhappy at all... Keep smiling charmingly in front of the cameras. That is something respectable.

As I'm shooting around... I saw this Red Bull girl... walking around... promoting Less Sugar Red Bull


It was so HOT and Red Bull Saved the Day! Haha... Feel so good after drinking a cold Red Bull. Feel Energetic =P

At around 4 something, Japanese GT Queens appeared. They introduced themselves as Nana and Sana. After intro, they had an autograph session.


That's all about my tired and hot Saturday! (",)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Geng Pecah Cermin

I'm sure that if you happened to pass by condos or flats with many cars parked along the street, there are a lot of window glass pieces scattered everywhere. I still remember that few months ago... My colleague's car's window was broken by some people and his radio was stolen. Most people was surprised as it was not an expensive radio... just the original radio which comes with the car. And he has to take 1 day leave + spent RM100 to fix the window. If I'm in his shoe, I might think "Why don't I just give you my radio... and you leave my window alone? At least I don't have to spend an extra RM100 to fix the window? =.="

Then, everything was cool until a few weeks ago... I still remember that it was Sunday and I went out until 1 something. When I reached Taman Mulia, I parked my car under the flat residence parking. The next day when I want to go to work... I see this:

The weird thing was... Nothing is lost in my car... Maybe they just break it for fun? =.= Or maybe they want to steal but got people saw them. I spent half day leave + RM80 to fix the window.

So do the authorities aware about this? I can tell you all that the authorities are aware of this. They even have the plate numbers of those "Geng Pecah Cermin". I saw them with my own eyes when I went to the police station. But since they are aware of this, why does more and more cases happens today? If they already have the plate numbers, I don't think it would be a very hard work for them to trace who are the owners (which might be one of the Geng Pecah Cermin), right? Even the media had reported where and when normally the break mirror activities took place. So are the authorities doing their part?

Last few weeks if you noticed, there are a news report saying that the polices was very capable in catching thieves when a minister had been robbed. In the same week also, my friend was being robbed, thieves went into his house, stole all his valuables, but he was not that lucky, having polices help him trace the thieves. Is this the difference between a normal citizen and and the renowned? Is it criminals against us, the normal citizen shall be neglected? What for we paying taxes? Aren't we hoping that government can do their part to look after us?

No matter what will happen to our country, just take care of yourselves and be extra careful. Criminals are rising nowadays. Just hope for the best. And remember... live life to the MAX! Who knows what will happens tommorrow?

Friday, May 22, 2009

From P&S to DSLR

My experience from P&S to DSLR. I would start from 2008, when I don't even know what is P&S (Point & Shoot) and I never even touch a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex). I just know that I see a lot of pro holding big camera in events and everyone focused on them. Anyway, that doesn't affect me much as I just need a camera. Until on January 2008 when I decided to go Hat Yai in February 2008 that I think I should buy a camera. So I browse the and Casio Exilim caught my eye. And I bought my Casio Exilim EX-Z700 from there. It is a 7.2MP 3X Optical High Speed Digital Camera. I was like "Wah... finally I have a digital camera." and 7.2MP at that moment is already very good. Took a lot of nice pics with that camera. I'm quite into photography... like to shoot around.

I was very satisfied with my P&S, until my 1st company trip to Australia... where many of my colleagues were using DSLR... The result is... cannot fight at all... DSLR wins with no mercy... Compared my photos with them... I felt the photos I took doesn't have any value more than a piece of memory. That was when I start to have interest in DSLR. Then I start to look around, and get advices from Daniel and Tuck Hoh. I also tried to shoot with Ek Wei's α350. Started to get poisoned by DSLR. As suggested by Daniel, I tried to feel the cameras, I went to shops to ask for price and tried to hold and shoot... I've heard a lot of good comments about Nikon and Canon.

One thing I don't like about Nikon is the design comes with a red color part on it's body:

And as for Canon, overall I'm OK with it. But I get attracted by Sony. I like the brand, I like the model name (α Alpha) and I like everything about it. The price for entry level is also quite attractive. I understand that in future when I want to get more add ons, it might cost me more than what I can get with Nikon and Canon, but I still love Sony!

So in the end... this is what I bought:
Sony α300. Took a lot of great photos with it and so far I'm quite satisfied. Hehe. Maybe will look for flash. And looking forward for more trips and events... to make it more worthy...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nescafe and Risk?

Recently I have received emails regarding Nescafe. It does caught my attention as I'm a Nescafe fans. The email looks like below:

Beberapa hari lepas saya dikunjungi oleh seorang pelajar lelaki tahun akhir.
Sudah beberapa bulan pelajar ini tidak bertemu dengan saya.
Pelajar ini mengemukakan beberapa masalah kumpulannya untuk diselesaikan oleh saya sebagai seorang penasihat akademiknya.
Alhamdulillah masalah dapat diselesaikan.
Selepas hajat terlaksana, pelajar ini yang saya namakan sebagai Ahmad menukar topik kepada topik kesihatan dirinya.
Beliau mengadukan masalah dirinya.
Beliau dapat merasakan kemerosotan tahap kesihatan dirinya.
Berikut adalah antara tanda-tanda yang dapat dikenalpasati:

Kerap berdebar tidak menentu masa. Kadang-kadang waktu membaca
tiba-tiba jantung / dada berdebar dengan laju.
1. Bila jantung berdebar ini berlaku, ia akan diikuti dengan dahi berpeluh
2. Beliau juga kerap merasakan kesakitan pada dadanya.
3. Sering mencungap dan kadang-kadang kala sewaktu sembahyang pun mencungap..
4. Semakin tidak tahan atau alah dengan panas terik matahari dan jikalau kena panas, badannya akan banyak berpeluh dan tidak selesa.
5. Jikalau tahun lepas, kekerapan simptom-simptom di atas agak jarang namun kebelakangan ini, kekerapan kejadian semakin kerap sehingga satu kali serangan dalam setiap 2/3 hari.
6. Tapak tangannya.semakin basah.

Berdasarkan simptom yang saya perolehi saya terus menyoal tabiat permakanannya.
Selepas mendapat data yang dikehendaki saya pun memberikan penjelasan 'Ahmad, engkau ni walau pun usia masih muda, jantung engkau sudah bermasalah.
Punca masalah engkau ini adalah kerana engkau kerap meminum Nescafe 3 in one.
Nescafe adalah tidak baik dan merosak buah pinggang manakala krimer yang terdapat di dalam campuran ini sangat merosak jantung.
Krimer ini bukan diperbuat dari susu tetapi adalah dibuat dari kelapa sawit (non dairy creamer)'

Selanjutnya saya menasihati Ahmad untuk melakukan perkara berikut untuk merawat jantungnya:

1.Elakkan dari meminum Nescafe yang merosak buah pinggang dan elakkan sama sekali apa jua jenis krimer yang dibuat dari selain susu (non dairy creamer)
2. Elakkan dari mengambil coffee mate kerana ia adalah non dairy creamer
3. Elakkan makan ais krim kerana mengandungi krimmer yang tinggi
4. Elakkan susu pekat manis yang mengandungi krimer dari selain susu.
5. Elakkan memakan sebarang makanan yang mengandungi margarine
6. Elakkan memakan burger, naget, kentang goreng, potato chip dan segala yang sewaktu dengannya
7. Elakkan mandi selepas makan
8. Amalkan amalan: Ambil segenggam kacang hijau, rendam dalam air kira-kira 10 minit,selepas itu rebus asal masak dan bukan rebus sehingga pecah tanpa membubuh garam. Selepas itu buang air rebusan dan makanlah kacang hijau ini dan amalkan amalan ini setiap hari
9. Boleh beli jintan hitam dan makan setiap hari atau pun belilah yang sudah siap diproses atas nama habbatussauda
10. Amalkan makan sayuran pahit seperti kailan, peria, pegaga, daun ubi, pucuk betik, ulam-ulam dsbnya.
11. Kurangkan makan nasi lemak terutama sekali nasi lemak di kedai kerana mereka mencampurkan minyak masak kepada nasi lemak agar nasi lemak ini kelihatan cantik berderai dan tidak melekat.

Kepada yang mulai menghadapi masalah dengan jantungnya atau yang sudah lama bermasalah jantung, bolehlah mengamalkan amalan di atas.
Sekian wassalam wallahuaqlam. _,
'sharing is caring.

For those who doesn't understand Malay, the article was about Nescafe has non dairy creamer which will bring harm to the heart. Of course, as a Nescafe fans, I felt like "what the... ". While Nescafe was actively promoting their products saying that it contains antioxidants that could fight many diseases and free radicals, there comes emails that trying to spoil their image. I can't tell whether this email is a hoax or not. I searched over the internet and the same article were circulating in many blogs and forums. So no one can prove this is true or not. People never thinks before they post and forward. Just like in many email hoax, they think it's true, so they send it to friends. Most of their friends not sure is true or not, then forward to other friends. And in the end... It seems true... but it was a hoax.

Me myself won't believe that much in this email. As a Nescafe fans... I understand that there are certain risks in taking it. As it contains caffeine. And I believe the sugar will also be a threat to our health. But I don't think it is as bad as stated in the email. Some more... why only Nescafe are mentioned instead of other instant coffee as well?

In my other findings, I found the benefits of coffee:

· Reduces the risk of alcoholic cirrhosis
· Decreases risk of type 2 diabetes
· Reduces risk of developing gallstones
· Discourages the development of colon and liver cancer
· Improves cognitive function
· Reduces headache/migraine severity
· Reduces the risk of Parkinson’s disease
· Improves endurance performance in long-duration physical activities
· Reduces the risk of liver damage in people at high risk for liver disease

I will stick to my own... drink moderate... as I believe everything we eat and we drink might have certain risks and benefits. Why worry so much on little tiny things as we might have lots more important stuffs to worry and do? Lets live our life to the MAX!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sunrise and Sunset

What does sunrise and sunset means to you? Different people has different feelings when they looked at Sunrise and Sunset. Some of them are even "describable"... It was a feeling deep down in your heart... Some feel HOPE, some feel STRENGTH, some feel WARM, some feel ENERGETIC, some feel COOL, what ever words that might describe your feelings. Why does people wake up as early as 4-5am and drive for 2 hours to go to some where they like to watch the sunrise? Or after a whole tiring day of work, rushed to watch the sunset?

For myself, I felt that Sunrise brings HOPE, Sunset brings WARMNEST...
日出带来希望,日落带来温暖. What do you feel when you looked at the photo below?

It is a sunrise photo that I took a few months back. Of course it's hard to determine whether it's sunrise or sunset from the photo. But if you are there... you will feel the cool breeze air... Take a deep breath and you will feel energized, full with HOPE to face the day... I believe that we all faced quite some challenges in our everyday life. When you feel so... take a deep breath and say to yourself "I can face it". Your life will be much better!

Whereas when I face the sunset... I feel WARM... it would be a peaceful night to relax... Hope you all enjoyed the sunrise and sunset at your place too (",)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

One Night in Hat Yai

I'm back to Malaysia from a "What an experience 'luan lai' trip". Called this trip in such way because I went to Hat Yai หาดใหญ่ with some friends, and experienced a lot of thing that YOU might have not experienced before. Ahem... when I say "might" means maybe you experienced before. Hehe. So what I did was I took KTM to Hat Yai... Yeah... KTM. Walao eh... it was a more than 10 hours in KTM trip. But it was really a good experience. This is the train that I took:
and place we sleep:
The best experience in this train was... IT WAS ON FIRE in the morning. The incident happens when everyone was asleep... Suddenly I heard sounds like firecrackers "Pak pak pak pak pak..." so I looked out the window and I saw FIRE! Not long after... the train black out... electricity turned off and found out that it was because water dripping on the wire. Didn't take a picture because still blur that time. The train stopped at Bukit Mertajam for quite long, waiting for the technician to come. A few minutes after the technician came, the train operates as usual... Sweat... We waited for so long and the technician settle it in a few minutes.

After a few hours, the train reached Padang Besar... And we have to change to van to Hat Yai because the KTM people said that they have to fix the train in Malaysia. No choice... Stamp passport and take van to Hat Yai. As soon as we reached Hat Yai... We had a KFC lunch. Prices not much different from the price in Malaysia. But there are more choices of food in Thailand KFC... Not only have fried chickens... They have Shrimp Burger, Roast Chicken Burger, Thai Chicken Rice, etc. But didn't take photo also because too tired and hungry already. Hehe. Since the KFC is in the same building with Robinson Complex, we went into Robinson and walked a while.

After that we took Tuk-tuk to Wat Hat Yai Nai วัดหาดใหญ่ใน... The Reclining Buddha there is very big... Bigger than those I see in Malaysia:
Look into the eyes of the guy in the pic... Erm... He's like very sad... Hahaha... Help him add dialog "Please bless me more as I spent 100 Baht (RM10) on this incense sticks and flower." Haha.
Building nearby:
After that... we went to the famous Fountain Circle วงเวียนน้ำพุ as planned... But when we reached there... It was a really big surprise... The fountain... NO WATER! =.='''
Then we walked to the Clock Tower... another surprise... It was under renovation...
Fountain Circle without water:
Clock Tower under renovation:
Then we head to our hotel and had some rest. We stayed at Golden Crown Hotel. At first we went to Golden Crown Plaza... Then only found out that we went to wrong hotel =.='''. When reached the right hotel, the receptionist requested for our passports. They said will give us after they printed the receipt. So after we bath, we go to take our passports. Then they say can't... must pay deposit for it. The deposit then will be paid back to us in Baht when we check out. Really sweat =.='''. That is the reason I still have Thai Baht after I come back Malaysia now. Conclusion... this is definitely not a good place to stay. Sakura is much better.

Around 4 something... we went for massage at Lee Garden Complex.
It was not bad... But I think Sakura Hotel's is better. Last time when I went to Sakura, they really pressed on the accurrate pressure point... This 1 a bit not accurate. Spended 240 Baht for 1 1/2 hour massage and 20 Baht as tips.
Then we went to Savoey Seafood Restaurant... Had some coconuts, beer, some dishes and Tom Yam Goong there.
Overall the tastes of the food there is quite good. Just that the Tom Yam Goong is not as spicy as expected. Maybe they think we (tourists) can't eat so spicy.
After finished our dinner, we planned to go to Odeon, but it was under renovation. Aiks... Why so many places under renovation??? So no choice... walked around then went into Lee Garden Complex. In there we sit and have some drinks at Anita de Fortay Coffees. The tastes of the drinks is quite nice and it's not too only costs about 50-70 Baht / drink.
After that... we went into The Oldest Bookstore in Thailand... Seng Ho Bookstore...
Then we go to Pink Lady Complex to have some fun. We went there to have some drinks and watched some show. Drank some beer + juices only cost us about 310 Baht (RM31).
And of coz we won't miss the Durian/Manggo Glutinous Rice and also the Fried Seafood and Chicken.
The end of the night...

The next day... Went to Kim Yong Market
Aftter finish buying stuffs, we check out and ate duck noodle near the hotel we stayed.
Then we walked to the Clock Tower to take bus to Padang Besar. The bus cost us 40 Baht each. And during the ride, we passed by Hat Yai City Municipality Park. Lucky we didn't go there as we see that all gate was locked. Then we passed by Carrefour, Hospital, University of Prince Songkla, and a few temples.
When reached the Custom, we stamped our passport and we walked to the Malaysia's Custom. Yeah... WALKED. Have you experience walking from Thailand's border to Malaysia's border? Haha... Stamped and back to Malaysia... straight go to KTM station, buy some snacks and food then board the train back to KL.

Yeah... That's all about my One Night in Hat Yai trip... Adios...

Friday, May 15, 2009

EON Service Centre

7.30am in the morning... it was so hard to get my butt off the bed as I extremely seldom wake up early nowadays. I made a call to Eon Service Center in Chan Sow Lin and confirmed a slot for my car service. It was not long ago since my car window was broken for an unidentified purpose. Yeah... unidentified as it was only the window was broken, no thing was lost. I shall thank god for that. Much luckier than many people out there. It cost me RM80, RM20 cheaper than ordinary people as I get privilege because there was introducer.

I reached Eon Service Center at 8am, where I start writing here. This service centre was the best I ever go... as this is a big service center with all the required equipments. And they follow the procedure, step by step. Sometime, if you don't make appointment before you come, they won't accept you. So better call before you go there. I did my last car service here also, where I see them lift my car up and down a few times, in different bay. And also take out all tyres to check. Maybe because I never see any of my previous service center doing that, I have more confidence in this. But there's one thing you have to take note... that they have a habit of going out "minum teh". I met one the first time I service my car. I saw my car at the same position an hour after I handed my key to them. So I asked a person who looks like a supervisor, then she told me that maybe he went to "minum teh". After that, she called him, and my car get serviced not long after.

This time is much better. The service was started once I handed the key to them. But due to my air conditioner got problem, it takes quite some time to service. That's the morning I spent... ^^

Thursday, May 14, 2009

RON95 introduced, RON97 will cost 20 cent more...

Okay... That was a clever step. Instead of increasing the price of RON97 directly, government finally bring RON95. RON95 will be placed at a price of RM1.75/liter, 5 cent cheaper than RON97 now. But when RON95 launched on 1st Sept... RON97 will be sold at a price of RM2/liter.

There are pros and cons of coz... you will have a chance to enjoy cheaper petrol (although only 5 cent cheaper than what we have now). And we will be pumping lower grade petrol to our beloved machines.

Yeah... Good news and bad news... Anyway... we can't do anything... Just accept our fate. If government announce RM3/liter petrol today (just an example), we still can't do anything... just go out less frequent... and find some part time job lo...

Transformers 2

I'm sure that there are a lot of Transformers fans out there. Have you watched the trailer? Here it goes if you haven't watch it.

Back in 2007 when Transformers was brought to cinemas... Everyone was so excited. It was a great film. I watched it again few months ago... And I'll make sure myself watch again once more before I watch Transformers 2.

So what is Transformers 2: Revenge of The Fallen all about? If you had watched Transformers, at the end, Decepticons were thrown into the sea. Now... they are coming back for revenge.

In the trailer... I guess got 1 scene catch quite a lot of attentions. The scene where there's a girl on the bike. Haha... There's 1 scene in Transformers that I still remember also... where Megan Fox open Bumblebee's bonnet. I guess you remember that too right?

And guess what... Transformers 3 already get a release date. It would be released on July 1, 2011 according to Variety. That's cool right? We can expect Transformers 3 in 2 years after watching Transformers 2. Hehe...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dream House

As I told my friend... I will blog about my Dream House. And here is it... A post about my Dream House. I believe that many people have thought about buying a big house. In fact... That was what I set in mind when I was small. So how about you? How you define your Dream House? I will wait the answer from you OK? You can mail it to me... Hahaha...

So here I will tell mine first. There are not many houses that I've seen before that I have set as a Goal. A few years ago... there was one. But I've lost the photo. In fact... I've also lost it in my memory. That is not very important now... Because I've found a new Dream House. What I target to get now is not a Castle, and not a Penthouse. My Dream House is a villa - like house, single story, and with a swimming pool which I can see from my living room.

Below are some photos of Residence Resort... where the design is something like what I'm looking for...

Day View:
Night View:
OK... Now you have seen my Dream House... But how to get it? If you have read "The Secret"... and believe the Law of Attractions... I guess you know the easiest way is to think of it more often, request it from the universe... and receive. Besides that, I believe all that I'm doing now are leading to my Dream House such as my job, business ideas that I'm generating, my approaches... all that.

"有梦想谁都了不起"... A part of "北京歡迎你" teaches us that we must Dare to Dream. Dream will come true if you stick to it, and do necessary things to achieve it. Hope you can achieve your Dreams too... Good Luck!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

30% Luck, 70% Hardwork

Suddenly one of Shinjuku Incidedent's scene keep playing in mind. The part where they sing the song 30% Luck, 70% Hardwork... Haha... I guess most of the old ones know this song. Me myself (even not the old ones) heard this song couple of times. This formula might be useful to the old days... those 60s, 70s and maybe 80s. But now... this formula no longer enough for us to survive.

I always believe that if you want 100% results, you need to have 120% efforts as the 120% might face some set backs which we estimate it 20%. Combined with the old formula... Tada... The new formula might looks like this: 30% Luck + 70% Hardwork + 20% Brain (Total Up to be 120%) - 20% set backs. There u go... 100% SUCCESS!

If you read this and wish to follow... Don't blame me when this formula don't work. Hehe... it's just a reference. Adios.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Prepare to say bye bye to RM1.80

" Oil prices climb above US$58 first time in six months "
in the star online today said that U.S. economy is showing sign of recovery. But how does that affects us? Many of us sure have forgotten when the oil price shoots up to RM2.70/liter during 2008, government had set a policy that oil prices will be reviewed regularly according to the market price. And we had been enjoying our RM1.80/liter since 16th Dec 2008 even though all other stuffs' price has increased by more than 40% (and never shows any sign of decreasing). I believe that most of us noticed that a bowl of noodle increased from RM2.80 to like RM4.00. Those were the days...

Cut the crap... So what will happen next? If this time oil price goes up again, will the prices increase again? o.O This will be a nightmare for most of us. So... be prepared friends... Save some money and spend wisely.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fashion on One 2009

All started with a sms from an unknown sender on 23rd April. "Dear Alpha users! Sony is holding Alpha Fashion On 1 Challenge in One Utama..." Yeah that is why I began to search what is happening in 1U. This was an event held in 1 Utama Shopping Center from 24th April 2009 - 3rd May 2009. And to my surprise... The 1st event is "Triumph Zero to Sexy". I believe many guys will aim this 1. Haha... But that day... after work... I didn't go... Just go out yum cha and lepak-lepak with colleagues only.

So on 1st of May... Action begins... I reached there at around 2pm. And Voir Gallery already half way to the end. No choice... Wait next brand lo...

There goes Bimba & Lola

The models are pretty right? Hehe... After Bimba & Lola ends... walk around... came across a Bridal booth where there is a small size fashion show. The dresses are from Romantic Bridal. Shots below...

After the show ends... walk around shopping a bit and watched Kitschen show. Kitschen has a lot of nice apparels but too bad... my camera was not ready. Haha... Kept in bag already. Some more nice position for me liao...

After that... wait for Xixili show. Not much place for photogs that time. Some area reserved for their VIPs. And most of the photogs camp there since many hours ago... Haha... Sure lo... Best show of the day...

I just managed to take some shots...

That's all for the fashion show. It was so tired after 8 hours in 1U. After that go yum cha with friends... went out whole day... Hehe... My holiday was worthy

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Penang Trip

Penang... which Malaysians know as a state with lots of big companies and factories. A state where numerous condominiums lies. A state where you can see development projects going on here and there. But how much do you really know it? How many places you have explored? I believe that many of you guys (even those staying in Penang) miss out a lot of nice places. Places close to nature... places that you can relax... and places that you can take great pictures. So now let me share with you all where I had been when I went to Penang a few weeks back.

1st is the Toy Museum... It claimed to be the biggest Toy Museum in the world...

Wow... I'm sure u know this guy... "My precious..." This fella looks so real.

Yeah... This is my favourite cartoon. Old Master Q... Hehe
Then continue with Butterfly Farm


What about the Burmese Temple
And also Snake Temple
There are a lot more photos that you can browse from my flickr album... Hope that you all enjoy... Don't miss out those nice places in Penang... Also the food... Hehe