Monday, September 28, 2009

Chin Swee Caves Temple @ Genting Highland

Chin Swee Caves Temple, a temple which was built by Tan Sri Lim after the completion of his Genting Highland Resort in 1975. It takes 18 years to manually built the temple without machinery for fundamental work such as piling because it was built on a steep and rocky terrain. Tan Sri Lim and his team manually dug holes of 80 to 100 ft in depth for this tricky hill slope development. The first part of the temple was opened in 29 March 1994. Second part of development was began in 2005 and completed in 2007. Now, the temple has astounding views of sculptures and mountains surrounding it.


Silhouette Pagoda

Stairs to Altar

Pagoda and the Gate

Path to Heaven

Rain of Prosperity

P.S.: All the names are given by myself to the photos I took.

Monday, September 21, 2009

My Raya Pertama and Raya Kedua

Unlike most of my Chinese and Indian friends who hibernate at home during this holiday, my holiday was consider to be quite colorful. On the 1st day of Raya, I went to see Chooi Yee's daughter. And on the way, went to buy a Mickey Mouse DVD for QiQi. It was the first time I visit Giant at Bandar Kinrara... The Giant was quite "giant" compare to other Giant. It's more like Jusco, with many shops inside. Haha...

Red Eggs

1 month old baby

After tired playing with the kids, head to Putrajaya since from Puchong go there is not too far... I take some time to find the best view of Putrajaya... But not really managed to find many... Here are some of my shots...


Putrajaya Mosque

Besides, I also went to the Masjid Besi...

Masjid Besi

A shot from inside Masjid Besi

A shot from inside Masjid Besi too, reflections

And lastly from Putrajaya, the Wawasan Bridge...

Wawasan Bridge

I felt kinda satisfied after I came back with those shots... But after I browse the flickr for Putrajaya, my satisfaction drops to a very low level... Felt like my shots can now used to fill the putrajaya lake... another example of can use to fill sea... Haiz...
I always tell myself to try to shoot in HDR for special effect... But everytime I also forgot... when ever I see nice things, my emotion will drive me to shoot it asap... and in the end it resulted not up to my own taste.
Well... I'll improve on that... continue back with my story...
After shoot at Putrajaya, head back to KL and had dinner at Kaki Corner... the Chicken Marryland still nice as before...
Didn't take photo of the food... took photo on the lights instead...

Lights in Kaki Corner

After finish dinner, went to Jusco to buy mooncake for Phoebe's family... (name only for her family... but actually she intended to keep everything for herself... Shiiihhh). This year they have doraemon mooncake...

Doraemon Mooncake

After that... went home... look at the assignment, watch some movies until 5am and sleep.

Next day... wake up at 8 something to have breakfast with family... Went to Pasar Pudu and tried some "not very nice" dim sum. Then send my sister to work and go to cut my hair before coming home to post all this.

And what's left for my Raya is this...


Wish me luck la my friends...

Recently suddenly think of an MTV from Jordan Chan 神啊救救我吧... Not the original MTV but the version. Here's the MTV:

The part where it sings if never fall in love, life is black and white... is damn funny... I watched that many many years ago but I still remember until now. After I watch a few times, I went to Last time the site was down for some time. And now I see it's very nice. I like the 小兵 story very much. It's much reflect our life too... So if you have time u may watch it too... Hehe...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Celebrated Bro's birthday...

After a tiring day of work + night class, I called home and asked whether my family had celebrated my bro's birthday... and they say haven't cut any cake yet. So I rushed from Serdang to Secret Recipe at Leisure Mall... Managed to reach there before 10pm and called my family to check what cake he prefer. Then I bought a Chocolate Indulgence for RM73.50(include tax).

I put the cake into the car then when I close the car door... suddenly something screamed... I was like "WAHHHHH!!!!!" then I see a cat was there with its tail between my car door... haiz... Pity the cat... it sure pain... Fast fast open the car door and it run away like a rocket. Then I checked around to see whether it is below my car or not to make sure I don't drive over it later. Then I see it across the street... Seems ok then I drive away.

Reached home and celebrated my bro's birthday. My sis bought home some satay. So after eat satay then cut cake to eat. Didn't take any photo because I didn't bring my camera. The chocolate is nice but the cake is a bit too dry...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My 1st Sony Alpha Workshop

After so many months I bought my camera and registered as a Sony member... Finally I successfully registered for the workshop. From there... I learned a lot of basics which I don't know... Most of what is taught was not in the manual itself.

The Class

John Shum was the main guy who gave the talk. He explained in detail what each function of the camera is used for and how to get the effects that we want from the photos.

John Shum

We also have Denise Chan to share her passion for photographing through her work. She showed us some of her photos and that really inspire me... She took photo every weekends... And it was as early as six thirty in the morning which she normally start her journey. Every weekends at six something I believe most of us are only doing one thing... SLEEP...

Denise Chan

We had a short period of photoshooting at around 4pm. It was outdoor on and beside the street. And below are some of the photos I took:

The Models

Shooting From Low

Behind The Greens

B & W


Jerry didn't take much photos. Maybe he is more interested in shooting still objects or landscape... Well... I don't know... but I'll find out.

Light Trails in KL

It was last Thursday when my company had a weekly badminton session, I suggested to my colleagues that we bring our camera and shoot the light trails on road beside the Pusat Komuniti Bandar Tun Razak, where we play badminton...

KL night scene is very nice... I heard from my lecturer once before said that... Many tourists came to Malaysia to see the colourful lights of Malaysia. This is absolutely true... Of coz this got bad and good la... Bad is it is wasting our money as tax payers... but the good thing is it benefits our eyes...

Night Scene

I cropped part of this photo and put as the header of the blog if you noticed. Hehe...

Friday, September 11, 2009

Thai Food @ Dataran Dwitasek

Couple of weeks ago... I went to try out the Thai Food at Dataran Dwitasek, Bandar Sri Permaisuri (The area where Kayu and Pappa Rich located). If you've been this place before, you'll know a coffee shop called "Yi Nan Mong". After a few months the coffee shop "gulung tikar", this Thai Food opened. I can say that the price is not very expensive and not cheap, just average. A fried rice (taste like chinese fried rice) is around six ringgit and seafood tom yam about nine ringgit. But the price for drinks a bit expensive la... Teh Tarik / Nescafe costs about three ringgit.

Hmm... the taste of the food is ok la... Can give a rating of 7/10. So if you all can't think of what to eat, then can try this. Hehe..

Tom Yam

Fried Rice

Mango Salad


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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Miss Model 2009 - Modified for different Feel

After some times, suddenly hand a bit itchy so play with the photos I have... Decided to take the Miss Model collections that I have for this operation...

What I did was some I cropped and some turn to B & W.










Different techniques result different feel... I'm still on the journey discovering more and more... (",)


I took one day just to study for Accounting. It's been long time I didn't sit at one place and study. But... I did really bad in that paper... Even though I haven't get the result I already can feel it. Those I read didn't come out much, those I didn't read come out a lot in the questions. The opportunity cost of studying for this bad result was too great. I leave all my office work and went to library to study... Sigh

Anyway, let bygones be bygones. I guess I know why it happens that way. I should revise and do all the exercise of each chapter after the classes. I shouldn't wait until the exercise given by the lecturer then only do. So, from now on... I will change my strategy. I'll start pumping on the questions.

This Sunday I will have another exam. But Saturday I'll be going out almost whole day, for photography workshop. So what I need to do is spend as much time as I can to study before weekend. That's why I told my colleagues that I will not be able to join them for fun on Friday night as usual. I borrowed a few books related to the subject that will be tested this Sunday. Hope that it will help in my exam.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Amazing Thailand

It was weeks ago when I went to Midvalley they have this Amazing Thailand festival. Thailand, our neighbour country, is full with excitements, full with exotic foods, and arts. When I went to Hat Yai, I did tried some of the food and it taste special. Some of them were really nice. And Thailand is some where really worth to visit.

Actually every country has it's own culture... in Thailand, you can see that they very respect their King. You can see that their King's posters everywhere. And there are many temples in Thailand. They prayed a lot. Not like what we are doing... played a lot... Haha...







Change in life

I used to wake up at 8 something nearly 9 even my office hour should be 9 to 6. It was since 2 months ago when I just start to take my MBA that I start to wake up earlier than usual. Because I need to leave at sharp 6 that's why I need to reach office by sharp 9. But waking up is a point, staying awake is another different point. I used to wake up then go back to sleep not long after.

To change this habit, recently I read on a book saying that in a famous book "The Monk That Sold His Ferrari", the author said that to wake up early, you must wake up with something meaningful to be done. He recommended that we write journal to keep us wake early. I'm now doing something similar, but a bit different. I start to wake up to write blog. So you might see that from now on... my blog posts will be more and more... Hehe...

It's a good thing for myself too... as there are too many things I wish to express through my blog to the world full with good readers. Old days, we always try to find a good listener. But in the information age, we are now in need of good readers. Someone who will read your blog and understand what type of person you are. And if you are reading this, you are one of my good readers!

Monday, September 7, 2009

The beauty of Pasar Ramadhan

It's Puasa time again... and for Malays, many will turn on hibernate mode at home (if no need work) then go out to buy foods from Pasar Ramadhan when they are about to Buka Puasa. And for other races, many will join the fun buying foods from the Pasar Ramadhan too. There are many varieties of foods available ranged from light such as agar-agar, kuih, curry puff, etc to heavy like rice and noodles. One of my favorite food is the Ayam Percik which is hard to find if it's not during the Puasa month.

The Pasar Ramadhan was once quite popular with their cheap foods. But due to rapid increasing of living costs, we can see that the prices had gone up quite drastic years back. A pack of noodles sold at RM1 each is now selling RM2 each. And the fried chicken from RM1.50 each piece is now selling at RM2 or RM2.50. Chicken rice from RM3 to RM4 each box.

This changes I guess most of us aware of. But we just pay the price as we know that was the market price nowadays. But there are beauty lies in this Pasar Ramadhan, which most of us can't see it. You'll notice something is different with the bargains after 7pm. I was there observing the changes. People are start to shout "Last Call! Last Call!". Yeah... it's now the best time to spend your money. The sellers start selling their supplies at "Exit Price". They need to liquidize their inventories. At this time, you can see that those stuffs selling at RM1 each normally are selling at RM2 for 3! Agar-agar which you buy RM1 for 3 pieces are selling at RM1 for 4 pieces now.

But of course there are risk if you want to wait them to sell at lower price. It depends on factors such as total supplies, total demand, and whether they have their way to manage the unsold foods. And if you observe for a few days, you'll know which stalls that always sell the foods at lower price when they about to Buka Puasa. But if that day there are many demands, or lower supplies, you might not get what you wish to eat. Haha.

Anyway, Happy Buka Puasa for muslim and non-muslim (",)