Tuesday, May 19, 2009

One Night in Hat Yai

I'm back to Malaysia from a "What an experience 'luan lai' trip". Called this trip in such way because I went to Hat Yai หาดใหญ่ with some friends, and experienced a lot of thing that YOU might have not experienced before. Ahem... when I say "might" means maybe you experienced before. Hehe. So what I did was I took KTM to Hat Yai... Yeah... KTM. Walao eh... it was a more than 10 hours in KTM trip. But it was really a good experience. This is the train that I took:
and place we sleep:
The best experience in this train was... IT WAS ON FIRE in the morning. The incident happens when everyone was asleep... Suddenly I heard sounds like firecrackers "Pak pak pak pak pak..." so I looked out the window and I saw FIRE! Not long after... the train black out... electricity turned off and found out that it was because water dripping on the wire. Didn't take a picture because still blur that time. The train stopped at Bukit Mertajam for quite long, waiting for the technician to come. A few minutes after the technician came, the train operates as usual... Sweat... We waited for so long and the technician settle it in a few minutes.

After a few hours, the train reached Padang Besar... And we have to change to van to Hat Yai because the KTM people said that they have to fix the train in Malaysia. No choice... Stamp passport and take van to Hat Yai. As soon as we reached Hat Yai... We had a KFC lunch. Prices not much different from the price in Malaysia. But there are more choices of food in Thailand KFC... Not only have fried chickens... They have Shrimp Burger, Roast Chicken Burger, Thai Chicken Rice, etc. But didn't take photo also because too tired and hungry already. Hehe. Since the KFC is in the same building with Robinson Complex, we went into Robinson and walked a while.

After that we took Tuk-tuk to Wat Hat Yai Nai วัดหาดใหญ่ใน... The Reclining Buddha there is very big... Bigger than those I see in Malaysia:
Look into the eyes of the guy in the pic... Erm... He's like very sad... Hahaha... Help him add dialog "Please bless me more as I spent 100 Baht (RM10) on this incense sticks and flower." Haha.
Building nearby:
After that... we went to the famous Fountain Circle วงเวียนน้ำพุ as planned... But when we reached there... It was a really big surprise... The fountain... NO WATER! =.='''
Then we walked to the Clock Tower... another surprise... It was under renovation...
Fountain Circle without water:
Clock Tower under renovation:
Then we head to our hotel and had some rest. We stayed at Golden Crown Hotel. At first we went to Golden Crown Plaza... Then only found out that we went to wrong hotel =.='''. When reached the right hotel, the receptionist requested for our passports. They said will give us after they printed the receipt. So after we bath, we go to take our passports. Then they say can't... must pay deposit for it. The deposit then will be paid back to us in Baht when we check out. Really sweat =.='''. That is the reason I still have Thai Baht after I come back Malaysia now. Conclusion... this is definitely not a good place to stay. Sakura is much better.

Around 4 something... we went for massage at Lee Garden Complex.
It was not bad... But I think Sakura Hotel's is better. Last time when I went to Sakura, they really pressed on the accurrate pressure point... This 1 a bit not accurate. Spended 240 Baht for 1 1/2 hour massage and 20 Baht as tips.
Then we went to Savoey Seafood Restaurant... Had some coconuts, beer, some dishes and Tom Yam Goong there.
Overall the tastes of the food there is quite good. Just that the Tom Yam Goong is not as spicy as expected. Maybe they think we (tourists) can't eat so spicy.
After finished our dinner, we planned to go to Odeon, but it was under renovation. Aiks... Why so many places under renovation??? So no choice... walked around then went into Lee Garden Complex. In there we sit and have some drinks at Anita de Fortay Coffees. The tastes of the drinks is quite nice and it's not too expensive.it only costs about 50-70 Baht / drink.
After that... we went into The Oldest Bookstore in Thailand... Seng Ho Bookstore...
Then we go to Pink Lady Complex to have some fun. We went there to have some drinks and watched some show. Drank some beer + juices only cost us about 310 Baht (RM31).
And of coz we won't miss the Durian/Manggo Glutinous Rice and also the Fried Seafood and Chicken.
The end of the night...

The next day... Went to Kim Yong Market
Aftter finish buying stuffs, we check out and ate duck noodle near the hotel we stayed.
Then we walked to the Clock Tower to take bus to Padang Besar. The bus cost us 40 Baht each. And during the ride, we passed by Hat Yai City Municipality Park. Lucky we didn't go there as we see that all gate was locked. Then we passed by Carrefour, Hospital, University of Prince Songkla, and a few temples.
When reached the Custom, we stamped our passport and we walked to the Malaysia's Custom. Yeah... WALKED. Have you experience walking from Thailand's border to Malaysia's border? Haha... Stamped and back to Malaysia... straight go to KTM station, buy some snacks and food then board the train back to KL.

Yeah... That's all about my One Night in Hat Yai trip... Adios...

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