Friday, May 15, 2009

EON Service Centre

7.30am in the morning... it was so hard to get my butt off the bed as I extremely seldom wake up early nowadays. I made a call to Eon Service Center in Chan Sow Lin and confirmed a slot for my car service. It was not long ago since my car window was broken for an unidentified purpose. Yeah... unidentified as it was only the window was broken, no thing was lost. I shall thank god for that. Much luckier than many people out there. It cost me RM80, RM20 cheaper than ordinary people as I get privilege because there was introducer.

I reached Eon Service Center at 8am, where I start writing here. This service centre was the best I ever go... as this is a big service center with all the required equipments. And they follow the procedure, step by step. Sometime, if you don't make appointment before you come, they won't accept you. So better call before you go there. I did my last car service here also, where I see them lift my car up and down a few times, in different bay. And also take out all tyres to check. Maybe because I never see any of my previous service center doing that, I have more confidence in this. But there's one thing you have to take note... that they have a habit of going out "minum teh". I met one the first time I service my car. I saw my car at the same position an hour after I handed my key to them. So I asked a person who looks like a supervisor, then she told me that maybe he went to "minum teh". After that, she called him, and my car get serviced not long after.

This time is much better. The service was started once I handed the key to them. But due to my air conditioner got problem, it takes quite some time to service. That's the morning I spent... ^^

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