Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dream House

As I told my friend... I will blog about my Dream House. And here is it... A post about my Dream House. I believe that many people have thought about buying a big house. In fact... That was what I set in mind when I was small. So how about you? How you define your Dream House? I will wait the answer from you OK? You can mail it to me... Hahaha...

So here I will tell mine first. There are not many houses that I've seen before that I have set as a Goal. A few years ago... there was one. But I've lost the photo. In fact... I've also lost it in my memory. That is not very important now... Because I've found a new Dream House. What I target to get now is not a Castle, and not a Penthouse. My Dream House is a villa - like house, single story, and with a swimming pool which I can see from my living room.

Below are some photos of Residence Resort... where the design is something like what I'm looking for...

Day View:
Night View:
OK... Now you have seen my Dream House... But how to get it? If you have read "The Secret"... and believe the Law of Attractions... I guess you know the easiest way is to think of it more often, request it from the universe... and receive. Besides that, I believe all that I'm doing now are leading to my Dream House such as my job, business ideas that I'm generating, my approaches... all that.

"有梦想谁都了不起"... A part of "北京歡迎你" teaches us that we must Dare to Dream. Dream will come true if you stick to it, and do necessary things to achieve it. Hope you can achieve your Dreams too... Good Luck!

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