Friday, May 8, 2009

Prepare to say bye bye to RM1.80

" Oil prices climb above US$58 first time in six months "
in the star online today said that U.S. economy is showing sign of recovery. But how does that affects us? Many of us sure have forgotten when the oil price shoots up to RM2.70/liter during 2008, government had set a policy that oil prices will be reviewed regularly according to the market price. And we had been enjoying our RM1.80/liter since 16th Dec 2008 even though all other stuffs' price has increased by more than 40% (and never shows any sign of decreasing). I believe that most of us noticed that a bowl of noodle increased from RM2.80 to like RM4.00. Those were the days...

Cut the crap... So what will happen next? If this time oil price goes up again, will the prices increase again? o.O This will be a nightmare for most of us. So... be prepared friends... Save some money and spend wisely.

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