Saturday, May 23, 2009

Geng Pecah Cermin

I'm sure that if you happened to pass by condos or flats with many cars parked along the street, there are a lot of window glass pieces scattered everywhere. I still remember that few months ago... My colleague's car's window was broken by some people and his radio was stolen. Most people was surprised as it was not an expensive radio... just the original radio which comes with the car. And he has to take 1 day leave + spent RM100 to fix the window. If I'm in his shoe, I might think "Why don't I just give you my radio... and you leave my window alone? At least I don't have to spend an extra RM100 to fix the window? =.="

Then, everything was cool until a few weeks ago... I still remember that it was Sunday and I went out until 1 something. When I reached Taman Mulia, I parked my car under the flat residence parking. The next day when I want to go to work... I see this:

The weird thing was... Nothing is lost in my car... Maybe they just break it for fun? =.= Or maybe they want to steal but got people saw them. I spent half day leave + RM80 to fix the window.

So do the authorities aware about this? I can tell you all that the authorities are aware of this. They even have the plate numbers of those "Geng Pecah Cermin". I saw them with my own eyes when I went to the police station. But since they are aware of this, why does more and more cases happens today? If they already have the plate numbers, I don't think it would be a very hard work for them to trace who are the owners (which might be one of the Geng Pecah Cermin), right? Even the media had reported where and when normally the break mirror activities took place. So are the authorities doing their part?

Last few weeks if you noticed, there are a news report saying that the polices was very capable in catching thieves when a minister had been robbed. In the same week also, my friend was being robbed, thieves went into his house, stole all his valuables, but he was not that lucky, having polices help him trace the thieves. Is this the difference between a normal citizen and and the renowned? Is it criminals against us, the normal citizen shall be neglected? What for we paying taxes? Aren't we hoping that government can do their part to look after us?

No matter what will happen to our country, just take care of yourselves and be extra careful. Criminals are rising nowadays. Just hope for the best. And remember... live life to the MAX! Who knows what will happens tommorrow?

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