Monday, September 7, 2009

The beauty of Pasar Ramadhan

It's Puasa time again... and for Malays, many will turn on hibernate mode at home (if no need work) then go out to buy foods from Pasar Ramadhan when they are about to Buka Puasa. And for other races, many will join the fun buying foods from the Pasar Ramadhan too. There are many varieties of foods available ranged from light such as agar-agar, kuih, curry puff, etc to heavy like rice and noodles. One of my favorite food is the Ayam Percik which is hard to find if it's not during the Puasa month.

The Pasar Ramadhan was once quite popular with their cheap foods. But due to rapid increasing of living costs, we can see that the prices had gone up quite drastic years back. A pack of noodles sold at RM1 each is now selling RM2 each. And the fried chicken from RM1.50 each piece is now selling at RM2 or RM2.50. Chicken rice from RM3 to RM4 each box.

This changes I guess most of us aware of. But we just pay the price as we know that was the market price nowadays. But there are beauty lies in this Pasar Ramadhan, which most of us can't see it. You'll notice something is different with the bargains after 7pm. I was there observing the changes. People are start to shout "Last Call! Last Call!". Yeah... it's now the best time to spend your money. The sellers start selling their supplies at "Exit Price". They need to liquidize their inventories. At this time, you can see that those stuffs selling at RM1 each normally are selling at RM2 for 3! Agar-agar which you buy RM1 for 3 pieces are selling at RM1 for 4 pieces now.

But of course there are risk if you want to wait them to sell at lower price. It depends on factors such as total supplies, total demand, and whether they have their way to manage the unsold foods. And if you observe for a few days, you'll know which stalls that always sell the foods at lower price when they about to Buka Puasa. But if that day there are many demands, or lower supplies, you might not get what you wish to eat. Haha.

Anyway, Happy Buka Puasa for muslim and non-muslim (",)

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