Friday, September 11, 2009

Thai Food @ Dataran Dwitasek

Couple of weeks ago... I went to try out the Thai Food at Dataran Dwitasek, Bandar Sri Permaisuri (The area where Kayu and Pappa Rich located). If you've been this place before, you'll know a coffee shop called "Yi Nan Mong". After a few months the coffee shop "gulung tikar", this Thai Food opened. I can say that the price is not very expensive and not cheap, just average. A fried rice (taste like chinese fried rice) is around six ringgit and seafood tom yam about nine ringgit. But the price for drinks a bit expensive la... Teh Tarik / Nescafe costs about three ringgit.

Hmm... the taste of the food is ok la... Can give a rating of 7/10. So if you all can't think of what to eat, then can try this. Hehe..

Tom Yam

Fried Rice

Mango Salad


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