Sunday, September 13, 2009

My 1st Sony Alpha Workshop

After so many months I bought my camera and registered as a Sony member... Finally I successfully registered for the workshop. From there... I learned a lot of basics which I don't know... Most of what is taught was not in the manual itself.

The Class

John Shum was the main guy who gave the talk. He explained in detail what each function of the camera is used for and how to get the effects that we want from the photos.

John Shum

We also have Denise Chan to share her passion for photographing through her work. She showed us some of her photos and that really inspire me... She took photo every weekends... And it was as early as six thirty in the morning which she normally start her journey. Every weekends at six something I believe most of us are only doing one thing... SLEEP...

Denise Chan

We had a short period of photoshooting at around 4pm. It was outdoor on and beside the street. And below are some of the photos I took:

The Models

Shooting From Low

Behind The Greens

B & W


Jerry didn't take much photos. Maybe he is more interested in shooting still objects or landscape... Well... I don't know... but I'll find out.

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