Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Celebrated Bro's birthday...

After a tiring day of work + night class, I called home and asked whether my family had celebrated my bro's birthday... and they say haven't cut any cake yet. So I rushed from Serdang to Secret Recipe at Leisure Mall... Managed to reach there before 10pm and called my family to check what cake he prefer. Then I bought a Chocolate Indulgence for RM73.50(include tax).

I put the cake into the car then when I close the car door... suddenly something screamed... I was like "WAHHHHH!!!!!" then I see a cat was there with its tail between my car door... haiz... Pity the cat... it sure pain... Fast fast open the car door and it run away like a rocket. Then I checked around to see whether it is below my car or not to make sure I don't drive over it later. Then I see it across the street... Seems ok then I drive away.

Reached home and celebrated my bro's birthday. My sis bought home some satay. So after eat satay then cut cake to eat. Didn't take any photo because I didn't bring my camera. The chocolate is nice but the cake is a bit too dry...

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