Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Change in life

I used to wake up at 8 something nearly 9 even my office hour should be 9 to 6. It was since 2 months ago when I just start to take my MBA that I start to wake up earlier than usual. Because I need to leave at sharp 6 that's why I need to reach office by sharp 9. But waking up is a point, staying awake is another different point. I used to wake up then go back to sleep not long after.

To change this habit, recently I read on a book saying that in a famous book "The Monk That Sold His Ferrari", the author said that to wake up early, you must wake up with something meaningful to be done. He recommended that we write journal to keep us wake early. I'm now doing something similar, but a bit different. I start to wake up to write blog. So you might see that from now on... my blog posts will be more and more... Hehe...

It's a good thing for myself too... as there are too many things I wish to express through my blog to the world full with good readers. Old days, we always try to find a good listener. But in the information age, we are now in need of good readers. Someone who will read your blog and understand what type of person you are. And if you are reading this, you are one of my good readers!

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