Thursday, October 22, 2009

Traditional Recipe Restaurant @ Kuchai Lama

Ever thinked where can you get a delicious rice dumpling (bak chang) when u need it? Well... I'm not sure whether this place, Traditional Recipe Restaurant in Kuchai Lama have nice rice dumpling or not... but it did offer many varieties of rice dumpling and even have those abalone, scallop, shark fin rice dumplings. If you happened to try them, remember to tell me ya?

The Menu

What I've tried in this restaurant is steamed chicken with Nu Er Hong("daughter red"). If u don't know, Nu Er Hong is also known as Hua Diao Jiu("flowery carving wine") and is a kind of HuangJiu("Yellow Wine") originates from Shaoxing, in the eastern coastal province of Zhejiang. For me, it is a bit too salty and the chicken is a bit overcooked (cooked till a bit old is what we say in chinese)... but the taste is quite good.
Maybe this time when I eat it accidentally make it not nice la... Haha

Steamed Chicken with Nu Er Hong

I also tried the chicken floss roll... This one I can tell u that it's nice. It is you tiao inside, covered with chicken floss then wrapped with cheong fun.

Chicken Floss Roll

Besides, there is also this longan ice blended... This one is standard la... Nothing special about it... Just longan + milk + ice, blend together only...

Longan Ice Blended

I might go and try the rice dumpling someday...

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