Monday, October 5, 2009

Steamboat @ Awana Genting

It was great to have steamboat at cool place like Genting... After sweat a little through archery, squash and table tennis, we prepared for steamboat dinner. Cool breeze air from outside came in through the windows. It was so relaxing and I really miss those days... When work is stressful, think about what had gone through during the trip was really great. When we don't have to think of what's the next request, just think of the taste of whiskey in hand...

We didn't buy much thing this time, scare cannot finish.

There are meat balls, fish balls,

Balls balls...

Hey hey... this is very non-halal leh...

OMG prawns on squids?

Cheesy hot dogs... yummy~~~

and JD!!!

We didn't managed to finish the JD... due to we went to uphill for casino... won RM25 then spent it all on Starbuck. It was very cold when we sitting outside... and some more... we ordered ice blended =.=


  1. haiz. again. u make me hungry.... zzz

  2. hahaha... it was nice... looking forward for next time... =P

  3. PD, here we come ~~~