Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ramly Burger

When we mention about Ramly Burger...I guess 99.99% Malaysian know what is that. But how many of us know where it come from? It originally started at a mobile kiosk on Lorong Haji Hussin, Kuala Lumpur. And it's created by Ramly Moknin. From a small stall, now it become distributors of Ramly patties for a numerous stalls all around Malaysia... You can see stalls with "Ramly" all along the streets. At some places, even a few stalls in one street.

The most common order is Burger Special, where the patty is first fried with some seasonings and then wrapped with a think layer of egg. It was so popular in Malaysia and even in Singapore. But... the import of Ramly Burger into Singapore is prohibited. However, some people does illegally smuggled the burger into the country. Interesting story ya? Actually... I just want to enjoy my Ramly Burger... Not a Burger Special but a Ramly + Benjo (egg) Burger.



  1. Many years back, I have a nephew who came back from UK after further studies. The first thing he would like to eat is Ramly Burger. He said it is specially delicious and cheaper. I totally agree
    with him. Thanks for sharing, enjoy locally made burger by locally expert :) Do keep in touch!

  2. The first time I tried Ramly burger and Ramly Hot Dog was 2 months ago when the Perodua having a
    special launch for Viva Elite. Wow, it is so delicious :)

    Do visit my blog, ya..thank you!

  3. We can get Ramly Burger and Ramly Sausage at Giant Hypermarket. I am not good at frying it neither good at the ingredients..LOL
    So, I prefer just to get it freshly done at the nearby stall :)
    Do drop by when you are free, cheers!