Friday, October 9, 2009

H-Artistry Quattro - The Global Art of Mixing

It was a great event by Henessy. Featuring Boys Like Girls a Boston-based rock-pop quartet. It is a boys band which I think love by many girls... haha... It become girls like boys... =P

There were also Hsiao Hung Jen, a Taiwanese singer. I think that he looks quite young but he has a quite mature men's voice. He was very energetic that night. Rocked many songs which none of it I know... Haha...

Besides, also attending that night was Paul Freeman... He has a very attractive look... A very "Ang Mo Lang" look... LOL... He asked a girl up to sing with him but the girl doesn't know his song so just "na na na na na......." He jammed a lot that night... making the crowd quite High...

And we also got Lenka(born Lenka Kripac in 1978) is an Australian television actress and singer-songwriter who recently very popular with "The Show"... I'm just a little bit caught in the middle... Life is a maze, and love is a riddle... There were many people like me... wait for Lenka to appear... wait until around midnight...

Well... I didn't bring my Alpha that night... So the following photos all taken using Casio Z700... Just enjoy the show...


Ready To Serve


Hsiao Hung Jen

Handsome Guitar Player


Paul Freeman

Lenka's Band Member

Lenka's Band Member




  1. Wow... nice angle shots... ^^
    nanged ya post though~ and also clicked on ya ads over here... ^^

  2. I did 'Enjoy the Show'..Thanks for sharing!
    You are so blessed to be there!
    Do drop by when u r online, thanks :)

  3. I like Lenka very much!
    Her song 'The Show' is very catchy!
    I enjoyed reading your post ..thanks!
    Keep it up! Btw, do visit my post too :D

  4. Great post, you really enjoy 'The Show'
    in this event. So happy for you!
    Do keep in touch :)

  5. Kennee >> Thanks ya... I visited your blog too... and clicked around... ^^
    iriene >> I think most of the people enjoyed the show... hehe... the event was great...
    Jemsen >> Haha... yeah... and she purposely put it at the end of the show... visited ya blog too... ^^
    JAMES >> I'm happy having you read my post too... Hehe...