Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Awana Genting

So what else does Awana has? Hmm... Nice view... Hotel Awana...

Hotel Awana

Well... this is not where we stayed. It's just beside the apartment next to the reception. It was quite tall and you can see it from the hill.
We used some of the facilities provided there. At first we actually asked for squash. And the counter say need to pay bla bla bla for using the facility. Then we see there are notice saying that from 3 to 6 it's complimentary. And that time was 2 something about 3. I guess the counter fella just hope that we didn't see that notice and pay him for the facility. So we asked him about 3pm onwards and he say it's free. So while waiting for 3pm, we played archery. The archery cost RM20 for 50 arrows and RM38 for 100 arrows. We take 50 arrows. The good thing is that you can pay for 50 arrows and many people can share it.


My Result

Hehe... not bad la my result. 2 yellow, 3 red, 2 blue, 2 black, 1 white and 2 out of target.

Then the time is after 3pm so we requested for squash and table tennis.

Jerry Playing Table Tennis

Eric Playing Table Tennis

Opps... nearly forget to talk about the interior of the Awana Apartment. It's kinda big...

Living Room

Master Room

The master room even come with jacuzzi...

Master Wash Room

The Jacuzzi

It was worth to stay if you want to relax with you family and from here you can go Gohtong Jaya to eat and it's not too far away from hill top...


  1. lucky u din post the result of my archery, hahahaha

  2. let them know abt my result of ping pong... kakakakakakaka

  3. Let us know how Eric shy on mei mei at the swimming pool hahaha

  4. u all ah... fast fast plan for next trip... =P