Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fire Burning on Deepavali

Somebody call 999, Shawty Fire Burning on Deepavali... 17th Oct 2009, when I was going back home after 4hours playing at cyber cafe, that time was 4 something in the morning and there were firemen at Permaisuri... so feeling curious why there are firemen here, looked around and shocked when saw a very big fire... not at Permaisuri, but quite far away from Permaisuri...

It was a factory in Chan Sow Lin that got burned down... Total losses was RM400k... I heard that the fire keep burning until 7am in the morning, which means it burned for about 3 hours... Wondering why it can continue burning for so many hours... does the firemen did their part to put out the fire? What I see in Permaisuri is the firemen stood there and watched the fire with us... LOL


  1. maybe the fireman just let it burn.. since not able to control the fire... kakakaka

  2. Maybe gua... only they know... Hahaha