Sunday, August 2, 2009

Goy's Birthday Celebration @ Neway KL

Been away for kinda long... Lots of things that I wish to blog it out, but due to insufficient time, everything left in a small corner inside my head. And now is the time to unleash them... Hehe...

It was Goy's Birthday on last Saturday, he purposely come to KL to meet us all... But unfortunately, most of the things went unplanned due to lots of unexpected events through the weekend. So sorry for him.

But at least we went to Neway as planned. Hehe. It was quite fun over there, because Goy met Han Ting and Chin Siang, who always don't sing at karaoke, sang a few songs too...

The Food at Neway

Han Ting, Chin Siang, Goy The Birthday Guy

Vivone & Gladys

I left early for another event that day... And they went to Wong Kok to drink the huge milk tea. In the end... Goy's stomach not feeling well... Too much milk tea I guess... Haha

The next day... we went to had our breakfast, but I don't feel good that morning, felt a bit headache and wish to vomit. So scared that I kena H1N1 that time, went home to rest a while before send Goy to Puduraya to catch his bus home. And we missed the chance to walk at the Petaling Street like Vivone.

So that was it... they went back to Penang... Haiz... Don't know when they will come again... Looking forward for the next time they come... And wish that time can have better plannings...

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