Monday, August 3, 2009

PC Fair 2009 @ KLCC

PC Fair 2009, I went there on Saturday around afternoon. Reached KLCC, and had my McLunch then proceed to the Convention Center through Aquaria. On the way to the destination, I already can feel how much people will be there in the PC fair...

Crowds heading towards PC Fair

The pc fair is a bit different this time. They start promoting more Online Games. In the first hall I entered, there were a bunch of cosplayers. All promoting Online Games and attracting the guys to sign up. Haha... not many can resists their attractions and I guessed a lot of Online game accounts were signed up within this few days.

As for laptops, girls promoting were like fairs before. Not much different on their uniforms. As for the girls, a bit different la... You judge it yourself.

CSO ambassadors


中華英雄倒 ("到" - Reached) - Alan didn't realize he's been 中華英雄 for some time... LOL

War2 ambassador - Most of the guys focused on this booth, as they have the sexiest girls all around, and many guys been pulled just like that to sign up new accounts...

3 kingdoms ambassadors - Not too sure why they have the angel wings on their back tho...

3 kingdoms ambassadors

Cubizone ambassador

Cubizone ambassador - Ah... Her eyes are so seducing... perfect match for her costume

Pandora Saga ambassador

Ermm... a pretty promoter for dunno which brand... Haha

Samsung's Joanne

Panasonic - Star Search?

IPhone! Yeah... the most colorful 1

Avira's nurses the famous 1... We can even see their pics printed in other hall

End of report... I didn't look at any brochure, because not planning to buy anything from there... Haha...

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