Monday, July 13, 2009

University Students turned Cosplayers @ DaiCon MMU...

It was DaiCon, a Celebration of Japanese Modern Visual Culture event in Malaysia. I reached there on Saturday around 12 something where the Cosplay Competition event is going on. I didn't stay much near the stage, instead, walked around looking at what they have there. It was really a great event for anime lovers. There were a lot of collectibles selling at counters from posters to cards to figurines and many more. You can see cosplayers all around the hall. Some of the guests that day also added something on top of their normal attire such as bunny/cat ears, tails, caps, etc.

I can see in the eyes of anime lovers, their desire and joy of owning their "angel" or "guardian". It was really a great experience although me myself is not an anime lover. I wouldn't understand why they can spend so much money to own a figurine. Just like they won't understand why photographers can spend over thousands for a DSLR. Haha... I guess sure the gals will say... "Why not I be your guardian or angel, and you spend those money on me". Haha...

Actually it all downs to one thing... Interest. Interest is what creates desire to own. And different people have different interests. But the theory is just the same... You have interest that's why you wish to own it. OK... talk too much already... back to topic... Cosplayers that day are great... I believe even their own friends never expect that they are so different as a cosplayer.

Here are some of the photos I've taken.














Among all of them... I only know Mario Bros... Haha... Sorry la... Outdated in anime... =P

There were also Gundam, Macross and a lot of anime figurines.

Chihara Minori, a popular Japanese voice actress was there too... But I didn't wait for her to reach, I left earlier because got something to do... So that's all I have to share... (",)

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