Sunday, August 16, 2009

KLPF 20090816 @ Midvalley

Yeah... second round of my visit to KLPF... I reached at around 11am and the exhibition hall is already very crowded because of the EOS Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant SEA 2009 Photography Contest. Pageant had cat walk on the stage for photogs to shoot. Although the contest is only open for Canon users, but other brand supporters will never miss the chance to shoot leng luis... So the area around the stage was as crowded as the day before. I did took some photos of the pageants, but I'll post it in another post later. Now I'll continue with the booth girls.

As expected, after news about there are girls to shoot at booth, there will be more photogs a.k.a. "buaya" will appear at the hall today... Haha...
It was not as easy to shoot as yesterday as the ratio of photographers to model had increased. And there are more hands and arms and heads that block the camera.

But still ok la... can shoot some also lo... so share with you all what I've got:

Tamron as starter

Playing with hair

Wishing upon the sky

Sweeeeeeeeet smile

This is from "Digi Cabi" booth... Too crowded to see booth name yesterday

The other girl from Digi Cabi

This booth was VERY crowded yesterday... Guess what... it was SUPER crowded today... Maybe as I said earlier... Today more buaya... so walk pass that booth also hard.
And something special today... There are more models...
When I was about to leave... pass through the Nikonian Academy booth... and saw 2 leng lui posing there... No wait lo... Shoot shoot shoot...

A pretty girl from Nikonian Academy booth

Dark eyeglass mode ON

Another girl from Nikonian Academy booth

"Kiss u..."

I was wondering why they asked the girls to wear such thick and hot jackets... Poor them... I guess they sweat a lot...
And lastly, a girl promoting for DigiColor...


Hope you all enjoyed the report... (",)

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