Tuesday, December 8, 2009

PC Fair (III) 2009 Photo Spam

Yeah it's time for me to spam photos from my last PC Fair visit... hehe...
Not much game cosplayers this time... not like last time
Renee's smile was so sweet that day posing for people to shoot...

Amanda's beauty of course will attracts a lot of attentions...

I believe that most of the guys couldn't forget Monique's smile (",)

Nurse outfit this time ^^

Yvonne were there too...

And I guess Yumi is more than enough to make everyone nose bleed... =P

That's all for my post... feel free to visit my flickr (",)


  1. kisahsensasi >> They are cool...

  2. Nice pics! Thanks for visiting :)

  3. BabyMocha >> Thank you for visiting and your comment too ^^