Sunday, December 6, 2009

MYEG has Superb Good Service

Why I say so? This is from my own experience of 1st time using the portal. For those who never go to MYEG, you should try it. You can check your summons, renew car insurance, pay road tax, etc from there.

Last few weeks when my road tax just expired, I was thinking to renew it online after I heard the ads about it. Explore around and I submitted the 1st page of my details for renewing my car insurance and road tax. Then when reach 2nd page, I saw there are details regarding my car loan and the card. Since I didn't bring anything with me that day, I decided to leave the registration for the next day.

But to my surprise, I got a call from MYEG and they say they will quote me the price for insurance and road tax. Then I just say OK... They only asked for a few basic details. Then they send the price to my email. Since everything is fine, I just make the payment. Another surprise was... the road tax was delivered the next working day.

I was like... "Walao eh... Malaysia also got so effecient de service one meh?"... But seriously... This service really helps me a lot and as an appreciation, I write this post, just to thank them for their great service or whatever... Cheers


  1. lol.. i havent tried it before..
    okay now i'm gonna check whether i got saman anot.. =P

  2. wow! it sounds great! might give it a try

  3. kenwooi >> yeah u should... hahaha
    theeggyolks >> just give it a try... forgot to mention it even give me a discount too... about RM9... hehe

  4. i thought if you wanna use that service, must be two months before your expiry date? mine ady over few days woh~ T.T

    anyhow, thanks for sharing...i paid my dad's summon through myeg 30-50% discount too~! ^^

  5. SimYing, Ong >> No la... u can pay it as early as 2 months before... Mine also over few days then only I pay...

  6. I like using MYEG too.. The roadtax is delivered to me the same day I made payment! that was cool..