Monday, December 7, 2009

Italianese @ Midvalley

Went to Midvalley last week to have a dinner with ex-uni mates...Suggested there as some of them never try it... Bread was served while we looking at what we want to order...
Bread was dipped into a mixture of olive oil and soy sauce. Some might not like the smell / taste of olive oil but that is what makes it great and Italians...
We ordered Mussels Fra Diavolo (Mussels in spicy tomato broth) and Sicilian Chicken Salad (Diced chicken breast, mangoes, red grapes and pine nuts, tosed in Lemon-dijon dressing on crispy romaine lettuce) as starter

The Mussels didn't turn out to be as delicious as I expected. Because of the Mussels used I think... It was not as tasty as the one I ate on my previous visit. But the salad is quite nice... (",)
Then for main course, we had Seafood Cioppino (Mussels, calamari, clams, and shrimp sauteed in white wine and tossed in a spicy marinara sauce. Served with fettuccine pasta) and also Shrimp Linguine (Sauteed shrimp served with marinara sauce).
The Shrimp Linguine was great... With fresh and big shrimp as you can see in the photo... (",)

As for desserts, we had their famous New York Strawberry Cheese Cake and Tiramisu

Yummy Yummy... total damage is RM210 for 6pax


  1. The foods yummy yummy!

    Make me very hungry now :(

    Pass by from Innit :) Have a really nice day!

  2. BabyMocha >> Hehe... Thanks ya... Have a nice day too (",)