Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Miss Hypertune Semi Final @ Mist Club - Part 2 - Girls in Hypertune Shirt

Cars alone is too boring right? Sorry coz a bit busy recently... not much time for me to work on the photos I have... But no matter what it is... photos will be shared... just the matter of time... Hehe...
Here comes the girls' photos...
There were 31 contestants all together that night consists of contestants originate from Korea, Japan, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc...
All of them are so gorgeous and able to make any guys nose bleeding... haha

All Contestant

The girls are so great... even it was raining... they tried their best to pose for the photographers... *Applause*

There would be another round next week for final at the same place... Too bad I won't be around... Gambateh all contestants... Hehe


  1. kenwooi >> Thanks for dropping by ^^

  2. what the...why the models all look at you? When I want shoot them they dont want look at me you know! I think they sexist lor. wtf!

  3. Kristine >> It was a natural law that girls are more attracted to guys... Hahaha... JK... This are some out of many pics that I took so of course there were many that they didn't look at me also... =P

  4. waaaa...super damn sexy...even im also a girl..but love to see their beautiful...i wish i had that too...

    anyway..thanx for dropped ^_^


  5. sofia >> haha... every gal is beautiful at different aspects so just love yourself ^^