Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Will Malaysia become a Garbage Country?

Hey all Malaysian... Do you ever noticed that the amount of garbage around you are increasing? You can see garbage everywhere... On the street, on stairs, on everywhere... including what I see below:
It was SUPER SURPRISING with what I saw... It's already 21st Century... and what happened here was like... people are living in Mesopotamia Age. Throw rubbish where ever they like. The lift is for transporting people from floor to floor... Schools never teach us that it's for transporting garbage!

If this kind of habits continues in Malaysia... I believe sooner or later... it will become
*Image from http://seacat.files.wordpress.com

Of course non of us want to live in a place like that right?
Come on... Wake up Malaysian!... there are rubbish bins just a few steps from you... why you want to throw on the floor and contribute to the forming of a Garbage Country?

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