Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Explore the Wilderness @ Teluk Batik Resort

This was the third company team building I've attended. On 27th June, 7.30 am, we all gathered and depart from Wisma Zelan, KL. As expected, I had a nap in the bus because I slept at 3 something the night before. Once reached Bidor, we had the Duck Noodle. I personally think that it is not as good as before... I've tried that a few times before. Maybe today the chef had missed something or what. But the white coffee there is as nice as always.

White Coffee

Herbal Duck

After eating, went back to the bus, and slept again. We reached Teluk Batik resort around 11 something. And we had our lunch there. Because I was still full, I just had some fruits and drinks. After lunch, we can't get our room yet. So all of us put our belongings in one room. Changed to outdoor attire and move to the jungle. Journey began...

The route to the destination is a bit hard because it was quite steep. But we managed to get to the destination safely. Once we reached, Mr Goh, the tour guide cum motivator explained to us about the safety equipments, and steps to go through all the obstacles. It was tired but also a great chance for me to workout since seldom exercise recently. Hehe...

Challenge in Jungle

After everyone done the challenge, we moved back to resort and checked in. The resort is "OK OK" only. TV is not clear, no hair shampoo, no shower cap, no coffee, nothing in fridge, no snacks and no telephone. Others... just fine.

After shower and so... we went to have our dinner. The food there is not very nice... just ok to put in mouth. Then we start our indoor session. We started off with the topic Trust is the foundation of Teamwork. We were asked to carry everyone in the team up, assuming that we had an emergency and the person need to be rushed to hospital immediately. Then we played the spider web game, where everyone need to move to the other side of spider web without touched the web. Here, strategy and team works applies. After the session, we went back to our rooms and rest.

The next day, we woke up early and had our breakfast. Then we went to the beach to have our Canoeing session. And this is not a normal Canoeing session like those at lake or river. What we face this time is the sea... with strong Waves. Mr Goh taught a lot about how to control the canoe, and what to do if there's an emergency. Didn't take any photo because took part in the activities.

At evening, we had our pool session. It began with using balloon filled up with water to play... we have to throw the balloon into the goal. It was hard because in water, the balloon doesn't float. And we cannot break it. After a few rounds or so... we use the real ball. The session overall quite nice as everyone exercised.


At night, we had some company members sharing session. Everyone share their thoughts, about happiest and worst time in company. After that... Hehe... Best part... Boss announced about Annual Trip... ^^
The night end with yum cha session at the stall inside the resort near apartment.

The next day... we had another indoor session before we check out and leave.

Group Photo

We had our lunch at AMU Coconut Villa located in Kg. Cina. The food overall is OK.

Vege @ AMU

Lala @ AMU

Overall... The trip is nice (",)

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