Sunday, June 7, 2009

Asiasoft Game Fest 2009 @ 1Utama

Are you an Asiasoft fan? Do you play Maple? Cabal? Audition? or Sudden Attack? I'm sure that you will not miss this event if you are a fan. I just heard about this event from forums on Friday. And decided to go on Sunday (7th June) because in the schedule there is Maple Story 2 Launch on Sunday 3pm. When I woke up, my girlfriend told me that she read newspaper and it says that Raymond Lam and Linda Chung will be at 1U too.

So prepare and had our McLunch before we go. Since the event for Raymond Lam and Linda Chung is at 2pm and Maple 2 Launch at 3pm, so we thought that we should have enough time for both events.

Reached 1Utama at around 2pm. And we were surprised that there were a lot of people, even near the entrance at Level 3. It was so crowded and people all looking down at the stage. And yeah... It was because of Raymond Lam and Linda Chung. I never see an event at 1U that can attract so many people. And I tried to go down 1 floor by 1 floor looking for place where I can at least look down and see what happen, but failed. People stands on chairs, dustbins, where ever that can make them higher and able to see what's happening. But I decided to go down to G Floor. At least with the same height, I can raise my camera and able to look at the LCD. But even the G Floor is super crowded. So no choice, move on to the Asiasoft event.

The event was great. It started with a remote controlled baloon airship carrying an Orange Mushroom to the stage.

After that, it continues with free gifts and Hip Hop Dance. Ermm... Actually I was wondering what Hip Hop relation with Maple Story 2 Launch... And in the end I think it's totally not related =.=
After Hip Hop and gifts, it continues with the Cosplay. I believe many people like this part. Hehe...
Here are some photos from the event.
Below is the character from Sudden Attack. Ermm actually I know this game since... Last Saturday... where I see people playing in Cyber Cafe. Haha... Actually seldom play games nowadays... A lot of new games and characters also not sure... Hehe...

This one I know... coz I did play the Game... Cabal...

The pretty girl below from Sudden Attack... but the tall guy not sure... Maybe Pirate in Maple Story?

Another Sudden Attack girl and unsure tall guy... Hehe

Two girls from Yulgang

A cute girl from Audition

Below is my favourite Maple Character... The Ice Mage... Too bad no Cosplay for him...

It had been quite some time didn't play Maple. I guess after this Game Fest, the demand for this games will increase. People will start play the games introduced there. And old players who stop playing might start play it back. (",)

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