Monday, June 15, 2009

Charity Day...

13 June 2009... It was the 1st time I joined my company to do some charity. In the morning around 10am, we gathered at Wisma Zelan. Then we proceed to our 1st destination, the Jubilee Home at Jalan Loke Yew. We were greeted by the person in charge there. A lady at her 60s. She doesn't look that old actually, if asked me to guess, I would guess 50. We put all the stuffs that they needed on the table. Some of them were vacuum flasks, toilet rolls, detergent, some food supplies and a few cans of "Mui Choy Taucu Fish". Yeah... I never heard about that until that day. It was like normal taucu fish, just added "Mui Choy". The person in charge there explained that the old folks there likes the "Mui Choy Taucu Fish" very much. Normally they will mixes together a few cans + some "Mui Choy" and some cabbage so that it won't taste too salty for the old folks. There are around 28 old folks living there. It is a half private half government Jubilee Home. Government sponsored about RM8/day/old folk there. But it usually takes up to 14months to get the money. But as told by the person in charge, "It's better than nothing". After talked a while and donated money to the house, we leave to next destination, the orphanage.

It rains heavily when we reach the orphanage. It makes us a bit difficult to move the donation stuffs. But we were welcomed by the orphans happily. They keep saying thank you, welcome, thank you, welcome. And that makes us feel that we were really doing some good thing. We felt appreciated. Then we were greeted by the orphans, shake hand and say hello, introduced themselves. But it was sad when see a lot of them were imperfect. There are only a small number of them were normal. I can see the normal there does give their support to the imperfects. And they were happy to see us there. At least they know that the society still cares about them. I try my best to go around, shake hands, say hie. And all of them respond positively.
Photo above is the area where most of the orphanage rest and play around.
Photo above is the living room, where smaller ones were taken care. It was really not an easy job to take care the young ones. Where we were there, suddenly one of them cries loudly. We don't know why he suddenly cry so loud. He seems like scared of something. The one of the adult there pressed his forehead for a while. Then he back to normal. Maybe they have some professional training on that, or it developed from their experience? I'm not too sure.
Photo above are some of my colleagues accompanying a girl. The girl pulls some of my colleagues to sit with her when they pass by her. I guess she needs some people to accompany her. I believe most of them here needs the society to give them extra attentions.
See how poor is the girl above... She walks near me a few times and I shake her hand... say hello... talk to her a bit even though she doesn't speaks.
And the young guy above, when I was taking photo around, he keeps dancing around, trying to get my attention. And I took a few shots, and I show to him the photos. He gave me a feel like the Jamal in Slumdog Millionaire. Who knows, in future, he might be a millionaire? Hope that he will be blessed.

And to the society, hope that at least from this post, the readers will know their existence. There are a lot of orphanage all around. Not only big cities, there are also orphanage in small towns. Try to give some attentions to them, let them feel that they are still valued in the society. Give them any support that you can. You don't have to be a millionaire to donate RM1 to them. Every ringgit for them is a hope to survive. And even though you don't donate any money, some cares will let them feel warm.

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