Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I felt wiser already...

Yesterday... I went for a so called orientation for MBA at UPM. It was held in Philip Kotler hall. I didn't know this hall even though I've been in UPM for 3 years. So the Dean start explaining about the faculty and continued by the deputies for some course descriptions. I get to know a guy name Kee Wei, he asked me to call him Kiwi (I won't do that...). After the session ends, go back to faculty of computer science for internet. And then found out that today no class. Haiz... waste time wait there.

Today... was my 1st lecture. I went in late because of traffic jam caused by heavy rain. I sat beside Deepa and Mee Hui (not too sure whether the spelling is correct or not) and the lecturer explained about what Organizational Behavior (the subject I taking) is all about.

So what is Organizational Behavior about? It was formed by Organization and Behavior. Course mates suggested Team, Emotion, Attitude, Values, Cultures, People, Promotions, etc. Then the lecturer relates all the attributes mentioned. He said values, everyone has the values that they practice, example cleanliness, tidiness, how you feel when you normally stay in a very clean country and come across a very dirty country.

And Emotions, every one has emotions, Anger, Love, Sad, Joy, if you don't have emotions, you are Zombie! And attitude, it is emotions, practiced in long term, so it's a long term emotions...

And Cultures, it is something that practice by a group of people. Just like Bindi on Indian women forehead, which the red means married, black means single. It was practiced by large group of Indians. And it's Indian's culture. And the lecturer said "It was my culture, not all, that 1st class shall be a half class... and the class will end early today".

Yeah... that's the end of my class...

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