Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Petrol Prices

I believe that many people get frustrated when government announce that there will be a raise in petrol prices... But I guess that is not something that beyond our control (unless you are politicians). We can see people with very big response when the petrol price hike at RM2.70/litre last time, and people complained when RON95 introduced and RON97 price gets higher... But in the end what's the result? I can see things still remains the same...
So what's the benefits from complaining? And why not stop complaining and think of how to make more money rather than sitting here and complaining something that will not give u any benefits? The government is expected to announce a price increase of 10sen a litre for RON95 petrol and diesel when the new fuel price mechanism is revealed in mid-March according to Sin Chew Daily... I believe that prices of goods will go up as well... So think now how to get more money to cover the raise in expenses...
Good luck my friends... (",)

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